Solar Energy Solutions For Your Home

Say Goodbye to Sky High Electricity Bills and Hello to Big Savings

Solar energy is the smart way to power your home.

It’s a clean, green and unlimited source of renewable energy.

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Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You’re spending more than you budgeted for electricity, especially during the summer
  • The price of power continues to go up every year and it’s stressing you out
  • You haven’t figured out how you can reduce your carbon footprint and help fight climate change
  • You’ve heard about the incentives available for switching to solar energy in your state but keep getting bombarded by pushy salesman
  • There is way too much choice in the market and no one seems to be listening to your unique needs

What If We Tell You That…

  • There is an easy way to find the right solar energy solution for your home
  • You can talk with someone who has a full knowledge about all of the solar power incentives in your state and a variety of ways to convert your home to a cheaper, cleaner source of power
  • You can find the answers you’re looking for and create energy saving solutions that will save you $$$

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At One Source Energy, we take the stress and hassle out of making the switch to solar energy for homeowners; from the Free Assessment to the installation and everything in between. You’ll get a dedicated account manager who works to find the best possible deal that fits your needs.

There are a lot of benefits you’ll enjoy from making the switch to solar energy

  • A Noticeably Lower Power Bill
  • A Smart Investment Which Pays Itself Off
  • A Clean, Renewable and Environmentally Friendly Source Of Energy
  • More Energy Independence
  • Enjoy Federal & State Incentives
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • No more unpredictable utility rate increase
  • You Start Saving From Day 1

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What Our Clients Experience

JImmy Driscoll, Clinton CT

Contractor and solar customer since 2018

I tried going solar with another company and thought I was getting a good deal until I spoke with Nigel at One Source Energy. 

He created a much better offer which gave me much more power and thousands of dollars in savings. 

The team at One Source Energy managed everything, including removing trees in my backyard for more sun. 

My home has been solar powered for over a year and I’m loving it!

Carl Griffasi, Greenwich CT

customer since 2018

I found Nigel to be very knowledgeable and trustworthy when it came time for me to consider having solar panels installed on my house for the first time.

As a new homeowner I was very skeptical of solar panels and he was very patient and persuasive.

Now that I have my solar panels I couldn’t be any more happier and I am now saving $125 a month on my electric!

Blossom Linton, West Haven CT

Customer since 2017

I am very pleased with my panels! I would definitely recommend it to someone!

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I am very pleased with my panels! I would definitely recommend it to someone!

I am very pleased with my panels! I would definitely recommend it to someone!

I am very pleased with my panels! I would definitely recommend it to someone!

How It Works ?


Solar Panels are installed on your home, in an area which gets the most direct sunlight.


These Solar Panels absorb sunlight with photovoltaic cells.


This generates direct current which the solar inverter converts into alternating current. The alternating current then travels through the electrical panel of your home.


This powers your household electrical items.


The extra electricity produced by solar panels can be sold to grid electricity providers.

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Our Free Assessment Helps You With

  • Estimating how many $$$ you can save each month by switching your home to solar energy
  • Compare multiple rates and designs to find you the best available option.
  • Comprehensive advice and insights into the state based solar incentives you can benefit from
  • Assessing and design the best solution to meet your needs
  • How you can save money across the board. Our industry relationships mean we are able to offer substantial discounts and incentives on top quality products and services, that you wouldn’t be able to get directly from the suppliers and manufacturers.

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How We Are Different?

  • At One Source Energy, we are not limited to one brand or model of solar panel.
  • Our industry relationships and buying power mean that we can provide you with the right solar panel options and installation solutions for your home.
  • Our number one focus is you, the customer.
  • We have been working with homeowners just like you for years, helping them find the solar energy solutions they need with the flexibility to choose designs, equipment and financing only available through us.
  • Book your free assessment today by clicking on the button below and see if switching to solar energy is the right option for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to switch to solar energy?

Our free assessment will determine whether or not there are costs associated with switching to solar energy. Right now, solar panel installation is free in most states.

What will I save by switching to solar energy?

Solar energy savings depend primarily on your access to sunlight. We find that most of our clients who meet key criteria are able to enjoy savings of at least 20% in the first year, with those savings continuing to increase each year as utility rates escalate. Our free assessment will determine what your savings will be.

What types of incentives are there with switching to solar energy?

Besides the current Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) 26%, solar incentives are largely dependent on your state. Some states such as New York are very generous with incentives, with almost 25% in state credits and rebates for 2020 which means over 50% of the cost is incentivized. Other states such as Massachusetts and Rhode Island, offer Solar Renewable Energy Credits or SREC. SRECs allow homeowners to generate revenue from every unit of electricity their system generates over a certain period of time, typically 10 years.

Do I qualify if I own an apartment or condominium?

No. Unfortunately, at the moment we are unable to provide solar energy solutions for these types of dwelling. However, there might be community solar programs available to you. Click here for more information.

Do I qualify if I own an apartment or condominium?

We will speak with you about…

  • The solar incentives in your state that you can benefit from
  • Whether or not your home is good for a solar solution
  • Determine if your roof is getting good sun
  • How much solar power you roof could produce and how much of your electricity could be provided by solar energy
  • Determine how many solar panels are needed
  • Risk assessment to evaluate potential problems and challenges of installing the solar panels.
  • Generate multiple design and finance options as necessary

How long does the installation normally take?

Most solar panel installations take between one to three days. It depends on the number of panels that are being fitted and how complex the installation is.

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Nigel MacFarlane

Nigel has been in the solar industry for three years. In this time, it has been his pleasure to assist hundreds of families in going solar.

Nigel believes that switching a family to solar energy typically creates, on average, a $20,000 savings opportunity over 20 years.



515 Centerpoint Dr, Ste. 306,
Middletown, CT 06457


(800) 218- 4026


Every home that switches to solar energy normally reduces their carbon footprint on average by 300,000 lbs over 20 years.

Nigels feels a sense of purpose from what he does. To date, he has helped put households on the path to save millions of dollars in energy costs and reduce carbon footprint by about by almost 100 million pounds.

Nigel says… “As a company, we see ourselves no differently from the customers we help each day. We stay grounded in the fact that we enjoy good customer service, therefore, we extend the same to our customers.”

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